FYI - A Little About Me.

Lauren originally hales from Newark, Delaware where she graduated from Newark High School in 1969. She married a Middletown native and moved there as an adult. After a short return to Newark, Lauren longed for the small rural town setting and in 1979 moved to Warwick, Maryland where she stayed for 16 years while her 3 children grew up.

During the time in Warwick, Lauren worked first in an attorney's office, then for a local builder, then as a civil draftsman with Mike McAllister, surveyor, in Elkton. Lauren says, "I love Elkton. It reminds me of the Newark I grew up in: large enough to have just about everything you need, small enough so that you can't get through the grocery store without bumping into friends and acquaintances". Lauren was named to the Cecil County Foster Care Review Board, the Cecil County Arts Council and she also made time to substitute teach in the county's elementary and high schools.

When Scott Paper Company transferred Tom, Lauren's husband, to West Palm Beach area in 1995 they bade a sad goodbye to Cecil County and moved to "paradise". Two weeks after our arrival, Scott Paper sold out to Kimberly-Clark. K-C Aviation didn't need Scott's aircraft or their flight department.

During our time in Florida, Claire finished school at Santa Luces High School and Lauren became the manager of a marketing survey in 7 counties in South Florida with American Metro Study Corporation. Her staff of 12 would physically drive through every one of the 2000 subdivisions under construction, making records of the status of each house. Through their collection of that data, Lauren was able to create a data product that was relied on by builders, developers, lenders and investors. They were able to clients about market statistics, current building and buying trends.

Lauren enjoyed this "real estate prerequisite" work and my work and of course Tom moved on to other aviation opportunities but the five years in Florida were long years.

Lauren and Tom had to stay a little longer in the sunny south but late in 2000, Lauren and Tom came home where Lauren returned to civil drafting with a Merestone Consultants in Wilmington.

Shortly thereafter Lauren decided to change careers. Becoming a Realtor was the next most logical step. Her 9 years experience in civil drafting and her familiarity with building and development all add to the knowledge she brings to real estate. And because Lauren has lived and worked in both states, she became a Realtor in Maryland and Delaware.

Lauren works to represent Buyers and Sellers in the very best way they know how: with honesty and integrity.